From conception to creation.

Whether you know exactly what parts you want or you have no idea and just want the best gaming experience, we're here to help you configure the perfect system for your needs. From a cool, quiet and reliable workstation up to the ultimate gaming rig which will make all your friends jealous.

Unlike other brands who only have cookie cutter designs and hundreds of checkboxes to choose from, we can do the hard work in matching quality components to you using real world benchmarks for the best possible experience.
We only use high grade components from leading brands to ensure your new computer will stand the test of time.


All systems come pre-overclocked to a safe and stable value dependent on the level of cooling provided.
Our machines also come backed with a minimum 12 month warranty on all included hardware covering both parts and labour costs for your peace of mind.

Example Configurations
ESports/Streaming 4K Gaming Balanced Mix Workstation
CPU R5 2600 i7 8700k R7 2700X i9 9900K
Motherboard B450 Z370 X470 Z390
GPU RTX 2070 RTX 2080 RTX 2080 RTX 2080ti
RAM 3000Mhz 16Gb 3000Mhz 16Gb 3000Mhz 32Gb 3600Mhz 32Gb
HDD 2Tb 2Tb 2Tb 1Tb SSD + 4Tb
PSU 600W 750W 750W 850W
*+Basic Cooling AU $2,100 AU $2,800 AU $2,850 AU $4,650
*+Advanced Cooling AU $2,700 AU $3,800 AU $3,850 AU $5,800

*Basic Cooling uses an AIO liquid cooler on the CPU and air cooling for the GPU.

*Advanced Cooling raises the bar with full custom hardline pipes and radiators keeping both CPU and GPU nice and cool. Not only does this look spectacular, but lower temps allow for higher overclocks and a longer lifespan for the components. ESports config only includes water cooling for the CPU and due to the lower power output the overall performance boost is not as high.

*Workstation components will be chosen based on the specific programs and workload required as each program utilises hardware differently.

Pricing mentioned in these tables is inclusive of GST and is an estimate based on current component market values. Individual quoted system pricing will vary based on the needs of the system and custom work requested. Every customer is different, as such each quoted system will be tailored specifically to your needs. Component quality and choice is key, the most expensive rig is not always the best choice.
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