• Where do you ship?
We are currently based in Brisbane and ship anywhere in Australia. International shipping may happen in the future but due to size and weight limitations it's not feasible yet.
• How much does shipping cost?
We currently have 3 tiers of shipping dependant on the size, weight and complexity of the PC.
For systems listed as a 'Micro Tower', shipping rates are locked at $50.
For mid sized systems running basic or CPU only water cooling, shipping rates are locked at $100.
For extra large, heavy cases, or those with very complex and fragile cooling systems, the rate is $150 as it requires extra care with packaging and sometimes a wooden crate to make sure that it arrives safely. These rates cover all packing materials, courier fees and insurance to protect your delivery.
• Do you allow for pick up?
As we do not have a store front, this is not possible at this time. However shipping fees may be reduced for customers within the Brisbane region.
• What kind of warranty is given on each computer?
Every machine comes with minimum 12 months warranty unless otherwise specified for every hardware component included in addition to the requirements of Australian Consumer Law. Some troubleshooting may be requested to help identify which component is at fault so that it may be sent back individually. In the case of complete water cooled machines, the whole machine may be sent back if you are not comfortable draining and disassembling the cooling system.
Component manufacturers sometimes have warranties longer than 24 months and in those cases it would be up to the customer to contact the manufacturer for support after the initial CCPC warranty period has ended.
For repairs outside of warranty or component upgrades, if you choose to return the machine to us a fee will be charged based on the extent and type of work required. This is usually much less than the fees to build a machine, but due to shipping charges it may be worth seeking local help. Feel free to contact us first to discuss these options and determine what methods suit best.
• What options for payment do you have?
Currently we accept:
Apple Pay*,
Google Pay*,
Shopify Pay* and
Direct Bank Deposit

No payment information is ever kept on our servers and all transactions are handled securely through the Shopify system. In future we will include a 'pay over time' feature but for now this is not possible.

*These options may have transaction limits that prevent their use on larger transactions.
• How long does it take to build a machine?
This depends entirely on the complexity of the build requested.
A system with 'basic cooling' will typically take anywhere from 3-5 business days to collect parts, assemble and prepare for shipping.
'Advanced cooling' and other custom features can take up to 10 business days due to the unavailability of parts locally and increased time to build and prepare.